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Pilgrim writes: "[T]he validator is an automated tool that can highlight small but important errors that are difficult to track down by hand, and may actually solve the problem that's driven you crazy.

If you create valid markup most of the time, you can take advantage of this automation to catch your occasional mistakes.

Worse, different browsers don't handle errors the same way, resulting in differences in style, appearance, layout, and/or even function.

Kew writes: "Using standard, interoperable markup and stylesheets, on the other hand, offers a much greater chance of having one's page handled consistently across platforms and user-agents.

He concludes: A good site structure is a requirement for Search Engine Optimization.

It allows both your users and search engines to find content within your site more easily.

Web designer and marketer Christine Churchill notes, "Bad HTML can hurt your site in the search engines without you ever realizing it. While [modern ] browsers are very forgiving of your HTML errors, search engine spiders aren't nearly as kind.

It's There's a W3C validator for mobile devices as well.(Much of the following information is sourced from an article by Nick Kew and provided to the World Wide Web Consortium, , a classic 2003 article from Mark Pilgrim, the Roger Johannson article cited above, and from Opera's Web Standards Curriculum set of hands-on tutorials; other sources are used and cited wherever applicable.) This may sound like a "duh" statement, but often designers like you (and me) sit and stare at dysfunctional Web pages for minutes, hours, or even days trying and failing to find an error that is breaking your site.Validation can often find those small, hard-to-spot errors almost instantly.But if your markup is nowhere near valid, you'll be flying blind when something goes wrong.The validator will spit out dozens or even hundreds of errors on your page, and finding the one that is actually causing your problem will be like finding a needle in a haystack." As you learn to write valid code, you will make fewer errors, and the validator will actually be While most modern browsers manage to sort out a lot of error-riddled HTML pages, the errors are not always caught and handled gracefully.

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