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You can do this by decorating your controller actions with the This works, but is a bit of a pain - you have to decorate each of your POST action methods with the attribute.If you forget, you won't get an error, the action just won't be protected.When you submit a form to a CGI program that resides on the server, it is usually programmed to do its own check for errors.If it finds any it sends the page back to the reader who then has to re-enter some data, before submitting again.We're going to be checking the form using a function, which will be activated by the form's Validating this form would be considerably simpler than one containing radio buttons or select boxes, but any form element can be accessed.Below are the ways to get the value from all types of form elements.

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In some cases, such as on mobile devices, displaying the password may improve usability without compromising security.

The code presented below would then be used for letting the user change their password.

Instead of as this lets the browser (and the user) know that the contents of that field need to be secured.

Marius Schulz shared a solution to this problem in a blog post in which he creates a simple middleware to automatically validate the tokens sent in the request.

This works, but there's actually an even simpler solution I wanted to share: the built-in I won't go into CSRF attacks in detail - I recommend you check out the docs for details if this is all new to you.

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