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Please consult the National Archives to determine current locations. Aircraft action reports of the 1st Marine Aircraft Wing, 1944-47.Textual Records: Records of detachments aboard coastal vessels in Florida, 1835-38, and aboard U. Records of the 2d Marine Aircraft Wing, consisting of correspondence and reports, 1941-45; and administrative file, issuances, and miscellaneous personnel reports, 1946.General correspondence, intelligence reports, and patrol reports, 2d Marine Brigade, 1927-32; and correspondence of the brigade Intelligence Office (B-2), 1927-29, and Operations Office (B-3), 1928-29. Issuances, 1914, and correspondence, 1917- 19, of the 5th Marine Regiment.Intelligence reports, 1927-29, and other records, 1927-32, of the 5th Marine Regiment; and records of its 1st and 3d Battalions, 1927-30. 127.8.3 Records of other field organizations and detachments Note: Additional records described below are candidates for transfer to regional archives. Letters sent and received by the marine guard at the Paris Exposition, 1878-79. Administrative records of the 1st Marine Aircraft Wing, 1942-47.Marine Corps School maps of the Battle of Gettysburg, 1932 (1 item). (1 item); Korea, 1913-14 (1 item); Mexico, 1914-20 (6 items); Nicaragua, 1910-33 (215 items); and Venezuela, ca. Charts (3 items): Marine Corps organization, 1926-28. World War II training films and films of combat in the South Pacific, 1939-45 (21 reels).

Records of the Marine Barracks, Portsmouth, NH (in Boston), consisting of reports, 1824-26, 1897-98; descriptive lists of marines joining the barracks, 1897-1908; and muster roll of officers and enlisted man, 1908.

Published maps, some with annotations, relating to Marine Corps operations during World War II on Bougainville, Mono, Saipan, New Ireland, New Georgia, Rendova, and Kolobangara islands, 1942-44 (99 items). Manuscript and published maps and plans, relating to the Azores, 1918 (1 item); Caribbean, 1883, 1913-40, and n.d.

Airfields in the Western Pacific Ocean, 1941 (1 item). (7 items); Central America, 1904-35 (70 items); China, 1921-43 (75 items); Cuba, 1906-33 (35 items); Dominican Republic, 1916-33 (48 items); Haiti, 1915-34 (115 items); Ireland, n.d. 127.11 Motion Pictures (General) 1939-60 Unedited documentary black and white and color film footage from the U. Marine Corps Motion Picture and Television Archives, Quantico, VA, of significant activities of the Marine Corps, including combat footage from World War II and Korea, aviation, amphibious landings, and important military leaders, 1940-60 (2,913 reels); with supporting documentation (5 rolls of microfilm and 15,450 microfiche).

Records of the Marine Barracks, Norfolk, VA (in Philadelphia), consisting of letters sent by the commanding officer, 1817-1909, with gaps; and reports, 1865-1915.

Letters received by the Marine Barracks, Pensacola, FL, 1882-84 (in Atlanta).

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