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6/10 this is rather a definition of Masculine Men who do not afraid to wear sweet lipstick/old lady-leather purse perfume (which DHP unfortunately is) : D 100% unisex ! I LOVE it and do not care if my wife tells me DHP smells odd.After the DHI was reformulated recently to vanilla piss DHP is the only option to go right now.DIOR HOMME PARFUM contains three key notes of the composition printed on its bottle: Iris from Tuscany, sandalwood from Sri Lanka and dark and masculine leather accord. Weather-cold only Compliments- gets noticed and pleasing to most people. I was skeptical because there was only 75ml bottle available, but one spraying should be enough so I think it will last, at least, a year or so - and even if I don't wear it during spring and summer, then I think it will probably last nearly two years.The fragrance is available in a distinctive glass bottle of 75 ml at a price of 102.50 Euros. Sandalwood really makes this lean more mature smelling. This is a niche quality scent that will work hard on your skin for up to 24 hours.

Feel like I'm bashing this scent but it's only cause of the great lineage it comes from. ذو ثبات عالي جداً إذا صادف و لم تُعجبك رائحته أول مره سوف تعود لا شعورياً و ترتديه Tested this on my wrists then immediately rubbed it on the back of my ears....the sillage was absolutely monstrous!

the vintage dior homme intense with silver collar version is still the best dior homme line that i ever smelled..

DHP is just too leathery and lacks of the seductive element that vintage DHI has...

its expensive but to me this is a scent thats saved for special occasions and a treat to yourself. Its density, leather note, and overall power make this pretty masculine and pretty mature.

gorgeous and performance is i think the bottle is the most beautifull in my collection. If you like DHI or Valentino Uomo Intense odds are you'll like this, too. Longevity on me is far above average (8-10 hours) with solid projection for 4-6 hours. It's not at all versatile, it likely might choke some people out, but it's beautifully blended and worth a sniff.

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