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You will encounter many other forms of creatures, both predator, prey, and your own species, and you basically play in a third person free roam.

By doing so you will earn DNA points for the editor and evolve your brain, which is required to move onto further stages.

After a cinematic opening of a meteorite crashing into a planet, the player begins his creature's journey as a microscopic cell, or microbe.

Gameplay still acts as a RTS, however also adds in the need to maintain your own city, such as Sim City.

However, this may be easily overridden by a console command.

The game consists of five stages in which you will play through using various play styles while following the life cycle of your creature and the galaxy that they are in.

From this point on, the player has the ability to change the physical shape of the creature, giving it different evolutionary traits depending on what path the player wants his life form to take.

Eventually, the creature evolves to the point of sentience, and a new gameplay mode begins in which the species establishes its own civilization.

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