Updating database of binaries

options = [match_option][sfm_option][misc_option][mvs_option] match_option = [ pairs/ import/ subset/ nomatch/] pairs: match image pairs from [user_data_path]; import: load feature matches from [user_data_path]; subset: match a prioritized subset of pairs when #images = param_prioritized_subset_switch; nomatch: reconstruction without feature matching; default: compute missing pairwise matches. Note that CMVS/PMVS related parameters are stored in You will be prompt to save [name]file, and CMVS will run in the folder [name]cmvs If you save the reconstruction to [name].When adding new photos (or close/restart), Visual SFM will match only what is missing.If you want to change feature-detection parameters, and re-run the reconstruction. What if Visual SFM fails to find two images for initialization? mvs_option = [ pmvs/ cmvs/ cmp/] cmvs: undistort images, run CMVS/gen Option, skip PMVS; pmvs: undistort images, run CMVS/gen Option/PMVS; cmp: undistort images, write p-matrices for CMP-MVS; default: skip the entire dense reconstruction.

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The radial distortion model is different with other softwares: * Dan Costin provides an efficient code for undistorting the images under this model. is the dense reconstruction module used by Visual SFM. Windows binaries can be found in the Sf M packages distributed by Pierre Moulon. In the GUI mode, you can also skip the pixel loading part by clicking pause "

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