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It declared separate facilities for whites and non-whites, and unlike the US South, there was not even a pretence at making sure those facilities were equal.

People who weren’t white were forced to accept inferior services of every kind – from undignified toilet facilities in public spaces, to beaches on dangerous stretches of coastline, to inferior healthcare and educational facilities.

The result was a constant, daily reinforcement of the notion that some groups were more worthy than others.

To ensure government had a handle on who was who, the Population Registration Act was passed, categorising every citizen to a particular race group.

It’s difficult to believe, as the Rainbow Nation turns 20, that we were ever so divided a society, and even more amazing to think that those divisions were codified by law and statute.As journeys go, the one I am about to describe is among the shortest you could imagine.It is, in a sense, so easily undertaken that the journey itself, the distance covered, might be over before you even realised you'd started out.They focussed on enshrining freedom for all South Africans, no matter their race, religion or the circumstances of their birth.In that way, the constitution reverses and redresses the wrongs of Apartheid, and casts in stone a kinder and fairer nation, where no-one can be prejudiced under the law for a mere accident of birth.

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