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If they aired it after the exam period, I'm sure it would have been a great hit!! Wish them all the best in their future projects the most thing that can make me keep watching this drama till the end is only kim yeol's face~ if only the one that played yeon doo was prettier~~ lol. But after watching the finale, i was convinced that 12 episodes were just perfect for this drama. I wish that part would have blown me away but it didn't. OHH IAM GONNA MISS THIS SHOW ❤ LOVE THIS DRAMA SO MUCH!!! it teaches me what friendship really is, and what should be done when we're 18 (hahaha). This drama is great and we can learn the bond of friendship in school.

eunji isnt that ugly but lee won geun just too handome. Although I felt extremely sad for not seeing Kim Yeol anymore, but I believe it was just right on the spot. :( Lastly, forgiving Soo-Wan was hard but I'm glad her friends did. I learned how important is friendship to everyone and that you only live once. I hope there's more and i'm looking for sassy gogo 2. I love it and it entertains me and many people seem to like it.

Pls watch it, i guarantee you that you will not regret watching this drama ;) thank god its 12 ep lol i found myself struggling to watch it bc boring but i did it anyways for jisoo;-) i don't like both the main leads:-) like idk why, i just didn't like this drama & cast(except my bbb) oopsie HAHA just finished watching this drama and now I'm in love with kim yeol. OH & it's going to take me MONTHS to move on from Seo Ha Joon character. He just captured my attention i wont lie kim yeol and ha joon are freakin cute/hot. Yes this drama had a lot of cute guy and there were pretty girls. I don't why but he gives me this warm feeling inside. First, the cute and handsome best friend ha dong jae, the drop dead gorgeous seo ha joon and the cute romantic and handsome kim yeol. I loved the feels of this drama and this is my top favourite school drama yet. :) I liked the drama for: 1- the main actress being sassy 2- the friendship/support 3- forgiveness and tolerance, 4- how's everyone life isn't perfect as it may seems (for ex..

I hate to say that director of this drama really sucks, you should pick much better actor to play roles like the teacher,eunji mom, yeol mom.

That headmaster is really really sucks, i mean damn sucks! -_-" I started watching this drama and I just can't stop.

I love how this drama brings up educational problem and blend it with the other school life aspect. Though it didn't have high ratings, it was still really popular internationally. Even though it has low rating in Korea, it's popular for international fans ^^ loved this drama so much I watched it over and over again. The ending was a bit rushed but otherwise lovely drama. : D i can say this is one of the best school-drama for 2015 so far I think this cutie kdrma has the most satisfying finale ever! I dont know why it has such low ratings but this drama really rocks.starting to end it didnt let me bored for even a minute. ^_^ Ha-Joon (whom I fell in love with in Angry Mom) was absolutely over-the-top GREAT ACTING. Brotherhood and friendship is definitely protrayed in this drama.

But the low ratings were mostly due to the students in korea having their exams :( The broadcasting chose the wrong time to air this drama. Cheers to the actors who all had so much chemistry and have loads of talent. When I was watching in the middle of this drama, I thought 12 episodes were too short to wrap up the issues among the kids. He needs to go very far because he definitely sells his acting to his audience! My only complaint is the final cheer competition part - kind of weak I mean I know none of them are pro cheerleaders but they could have prepared better for the performance. Oh what an awesome show will miss it soo much it was soo refreshing, cute actually I don't have words to describe it and all the characters were soooooo awesome I got attached to all of them and it was weird that I shipped yeon doo with all the 3 guys as all the 3 of them were affected by her and respected her decisions.. Finally this drama has ended eventhough i dont want it to end so soon.

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