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Knowing that 'hydro' means 'water,' you may have guessed that the hydrosphere is made up of all the water on Earth.

This includes all of the rivers, lakes, streams, oceans, groundwater, polar ice caps, glaciers and moisture in the air (like rain and snow).

Most of this life exists no deeper than about 10 feet into the ground or about 600 feet above it.

Because each individual is so small in relation to the overall planet, organisms are often grouped into biomes, which are regional communities characterized by vegetation and climate.

Most of the atmosphere is densely packed near the surface (which is where all of our weather occurs), but it extends to over 300 miles above ground.

However, exactly where it ends and space begins is difficult to say!

Free 5-day trial Chemical weathering is what happens when rocks are broken down and chemically altered.

This is the atmosphere, which is the air that surrounds Earth.

This 'air' sphere is made up of mostly nitrogen, some oxygen and small amounts of many other molecules.

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