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After getting established, I decided not to stop there, as I always watched porn as a boy, and was always curious what it would be like to participate. I am not sure how they would react, as I grew up as a very vanilla Catholic/Italian from the start. O: What did your friends say when you said you were doing porn? V: Some of my friends informed me that they did not think I had the balls to do such a thing, but others will tell you that it was about time I dove into the industry. O: You are in Filthy Fucks which was the first movie Raging Stallion filmed in Las Vegas, so I have to ask, what is it like filming a movie in Vegas in July? V: Filthy Fucks was most definitely a HOT scene, both literally and figuratively. It involves a six day per week workout regimen, simply utilizing one body part per day. But for the record, there are many more on the way including America’s Finest from Raging Stallion’s Monster Bang and Fuck Yeah!

My curiosity only grew more after my partner supported me in this new endeavor. O: Who was the first person you had sex with when a camera was involved? V: The first person I had sex with when a camera was involved was with my partner (Joey D) and our home video camera. V: I am definitely a brief kind of guy, but love a snug boxer brief every once in a while. O: What was your first day on the set of your first scene in a porn like? V: My first day on the set of my first scene in porn was extremely chill, but a bit nerve-wracking. O: Do you have any say as to who your scene partner will be? V: Yes, I most definitely have a say in who my scene partners are. V: I do have a fantasy sex partner for a movie, and his name is Brent Everett or Jesse Santana. With that said, filming a movie in Las Vegas in July is a scorcher! With this said, I workout abs and calves every other day to keep a tight core.

/Webcam-Erika-Hardcore-Sex-Tape-64028No sound but who cares?!!!!! Ok, if anyone hasnt seen it yet - looking back at the posts i gather that some have - just google 'erika camwithher hardcore' and click the first link scroll down until u see 'webcam erika hardcore...' (16m52s). Additionally, the fan club doesn't have much content.

see Erika's profile is still up on NNC but I haven't seen her online in a while. performer Id=4375 Her fan club on ICGirls hasn't been updated in over 6 months as is evident by one of the member comments.

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You can imagine the difficulties this can pose if you hold your laptop at varying distances from your face or if you're using the webcam with friends standing behind you.

This includes talking about how to use p2p sharing or where to go for it.

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Well, thanks for the great show but I need to get going now - cya! f=5&a=30) 2.) Do not use the Freeones Message Board as a place to trade or share content. Please note, my exclusivity is to the following sites, camwithher, nonnudecams, nudeadultcams, and I am also a top performer on .. I highly suggest that you do not join or pay for any camshows unless you want to be ripped off... you can find that at have 100's of HD format pics and vids for you to see !! My content has been stolen and placed on various sites acting as me.. She seems to be promoting a webpage "Chat Host", which she claims to be her own. I don't know if this is in fact her or if it is someone using her popularity to make some money. Take a peak at all of our free goodies, from our clips, to our forums, to our live cams.However, I soon discovered that lighting conditions should be quite bright for the webcam to function properly.

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