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"We wanted to generate more relationships among women, and men for that matter," Frind, said, "and the best way to do that was eliminate this kind of behavior." On May 20, 2013, Frind sent an email to all his subscribers detailing the changes he planned. You can't consume as much information," Frind said. It generates a different kind of perception, a different kind of feel." One way Frind is eliminating hook up seeking is by using automated systems to flag and delete sexually provocative emails.

You can join niches like non-smoking, organic, psychic, cigar, coffee, mullets and classical (music). The site is mostly for verified college students and alumni.Another way POF is trying to encourage real relationships is to block communication between men and women who have greater than a 14-year age difference.According to Frind, POF generates hundreds of thousands of relationships, and when subscribers leave the site, they let POF know who they left with."And if there is a chance for a relationship, the break-up rate is triple." Frind has begun blocking behaviors that are counter to finding relationships in order to generate more real relationships."Funny thing is that you learn if you change the sign-up process slightly, you change a few things here and there, and all of the sudden the way people behave just dramatically changes.

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