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Daksha was one of the patriarchs and Soma was his son-in-law.

I, Don Prince, excitedly decide to start the research when I found some clues about it. She was a Nepali student staying at the border of Nepal and India. Actually I had read her auto diary through one of her friend where someone had dropped clues about end of the world. His name was Ajay Sharma who was a teacher by profession. ’ ‘No sir, people believe or not, it is on their own hand. That's why we have come to you.’ ‘OK, what you want to know you can ask me.’ ‘It is heard that you can predict future, is it true?Vishvanatha, Tryambaka, Vaidynatha, Nagesha, Rameswara and Ghushnesha.Most of these are supposed to be self formed or sprouted out of their own will. Every Shiva worshipper dreams of doing a pilgrimage to all these twelve jyotirlingas at least once in his lifetime. Somnatha is the name of Shiva in the town of the same name situated in Prabhas Patan in Saurashtra in the state if Gujarat in India. The lingam which is a rounded, upright stone is used as a symbol of Shiva. Varanasyam cha Vishweshwam, Tryambakam Gautameethate. But the human being has form and attributes so we need some form of the Absolute on which we can concentrate.

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