Japenese dating and marriage

The number of young Japanese men and women wanting to get married has seen a sharp decline, reveals a new study.What are the reasons behind this trend and how is it impacting society? Looking back, Makoto Watanabe wishes he had gotten married in his early 30s, but he admits back then he had neither the job security nor the financial resources to support a wife and family.Now a growing band of Japanese are breaking with tradition and embracing a new model to combine life and work: freelancing. Shaken by the fallout from a new scandal involving grand champion Harumafuji, sumo's elders would still prefer to handle crises internally - and punish those who break ranks. It is quite common for Japanese people nowadays to move in even before committing marital vows.

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"Meanwhile, only 15.2 percent of single men in their 20s earn four million yen or more."There are many people who want to get married but they simply cannot take on the financial burden of a family," he said.As the UK votes in the EU referendum, Japanese companies, politicians and the media are united in their desire to see Britain remain part of the European Union. () Japan's prime minister has warned that a British vote to leave the EU could put Japanese interests "at stake." Brexit supporters, however, doubt that Abe's comments will have an effect on Japanese business in the UK.For women in their 20s, the rate fell from 82.2 percent in 2013 to 59 percent.Japanese women have traditionally sought the "three highs" - of high academic achievement, physical height and an elevated income - in the perfect partner, but the report suggests that income is now their prime concern.

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