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While many regard Islamic designs as being based on strict geometrical constructions, there are also Islamic designs that are formed with floral devices and where the governing geometry might not be immediately obvious.This first illustration is of a plate with a beautifully articulated design of a ship, the rim being very crudely broken into four panels creating a degree of stability for the extremely mobile centre design.Compare the above dish with this which has a decorative pattern on it and an apparently eccentric geometrical layout.The rim of the dish is broken into nine, slightly unequal, elements inside which there are six stylised flowers hanging from the central motif which, itself, has nine points in its centre, but ten outer petals.Based this time on twelve-point geometry rather than the eight-point shown above, there is an evident family feel to the design of the two panels, one that is familiar to many people as characterising their recognition of Arabic or Islamic design.

It illustrates something of the strong modelling that can be created with, essentially, two-dimensional geometric patterns.These first four illustrations are of Islamic geometric patterns that have been executed on different materials, respectively silver, stone, leather and glazed mosaic, and are commonly considered representative of Islamic design.While not demonstrating the wide variety of geometric treatments to be found in Islamic or Arab geometries, they are here to introduce something of the design character and materials that were used in decoration.Note the strong difference in treatment and effect between the simple cursive running design on the framing and that of the main geometrically laid out panels.There is more written about the basic geometries behind Islamic patterns on both this page and the next page which illustrate some of the constructions behind basic Islamic designs.

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