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He is later killed by Carl for betraying the Grove Street Families. Sean Johnson (Born: 1966), known as Sweet, is the leader of the Grove Street Families and the older brother of Carl, Kendl and Brian. Sweet is initially skeptical about Carl's loyalty, blaming him for the death of Brian, but eventually accepts his brother back into the gang.

He is arrested by the police, before being released after Mike Toreno arranged for his release in return for a favor from Carl.

He later states his admiration for Carl, who has beaten the system. Mike Toreno is an undercover agent for an unknown government agency who becomes involved in the drugs trade, alongside Jizzy B. He becomes an ally of Carl's through the drugs trade, however, Carl later attempts to kill Toreno.

Despite this, Toreno employs Carl to do government-related missions and is later has Sweet released from prison. Wu Zi Mu, also known as Woozie, is the blind leader of the Mountain Cloud Boys, a sub-sect of the San Fierro Triads, who resides and owns a betting shop in Chinatown, San Fierro.

She meets Carl in Dillimore and the two begin to rob several businesses in the countryside.

The two begin a relationship, which quickly ends due Catalina's anger with Carl's obsession with getting money.

Rockstar Games took wide-open sandboxes to the next level in 2004 by turning San Andreas into an entire state, itself having three major cities: Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas. is a gangster from the Grove Street Families who left the city of Los Santos, San Andreas after his brother Brian was killed, but is returning home after a five-year stint in Liberty City to bury his murdered mother, Beverly.

Carl then begins to help the Grove Street Families and weaken their rivals, as well as establishing a business empire throughout the State of San Andreas. Frank Tenpenny is the main antagonist of GTA San Andreas. Tenpenny later leaves Los Santos and continues to have Carl perform various tasks for him. Tenpenny is acquitted, which sparks riots in the city.

He is a police officer with the Los Santos Police Department and heads up C. Tenpenny attempts to escape in a Firetruck but is killed when he drives off a bridge and into Grove Street. Melvin Harris, also known as Big Smoke, is a leading member of the Grove Street Families who lives in Idlewood.

As such, a remastered version was made for the IOS and Android systems, and later ported to the Xbox 360 (on October 26th, 2014, to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the game), and then the Play Station 3 on December 1st, 2015.

Saving Grove Street, and ultimately Los Santos, from the machinations of C. Despite its age it's has been reported to be one of the still most played games on PS2 to this day largely being so big and having so much to do.

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