Fat goth girl dating

It is reducing someone's worth to how sexy, beautiful, attractive, etc. An aside: From within the subculture, it seems to mostly come from individuals who want the subculture to stay within its roots, they want every guy to be the perfect high-cheekboned and gaunt Peter Murphy and every woman to be the willowy and sultry-but-intimidating Siouxsie Sioux.

According to these people, none of the original Goths were fat, Goths can't be fat. But they also seem to be the type of people who most viciously guard the "you must listen to Goth music to be a Goth, it's nothing to do with fashion" trope, which seems more than a little hypocritical.

Those clothes don't make me happy, so I don't wear them with confidence and happiness. Now, I'm not about to tell someone that they can't have aesthetic preferences.

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Assholes are likely to creep into any subculture, but I think the fact that Goth is usually interpreted as being very open-minded makes it all the more insulting when certain individuals go around policing and insulting other members of the subculture.

I wasn't aware that I had fat deposits in my ears that specifically prevented me from listening to Sisters of Mercy, but what do I know? The thing is, many of the conventionally attractive aspects of women are those which are made possible by deposits of fat.

And, yes, I do say the word fat, unless asked not to by someone who I might be describing. Breasts are mostly fatty tissue, and so are our asses.

So, we absorb some of the prejudices, including against body fat, that the media is currently assailing us with. Some independent Goth clothing brands have begun expanding their sizes and taking custom orders to allow for size differences.

Jillian Venters of Gothic Charm School has had multiple posts which outline some of the best ways to accumulate a plus-sized Goth wardrobe.

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