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Where a list author has chosen a different location for the summit, we record this in the database.

In cases where the locations could be regarded as separate summits we list the hills separately.

This was followed by Graham Tops and Grahamists (2004). The last four publications, and three similar ones listing the Hewitts of England, Wales and Ireland, were published by TACit Press but the majority are now out of print.

In June 2010 Dawson created the Simms (Six-hundred Metre Mountains; originally called Sims) by combining the Murdos, Corbett Tops, Graham Tops and Hewitts and lowering the height threshold to 600m.

More information on the individual lists is given in Definitions and Background. For example, the Marilyns are a subset of the Humps, the Grahams are a subset of the Marilyns, and many lists are subsets of the Tumps.

All classification changes and signficant relocations are announced on Hill Bagging when they enter the database.

We place no restrictions on use of the data by third parties and enourage authors of other websites and applications to do so.

Breaking new ground was Corbett Tops and Corbetteers (1999).

Corbett Tops include subsidiary summits of Munros and Corbetts within the Corbett height range.

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