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You've already decided that you are the judge, jury, executioner. In a related story, Alabama Dems are rejecting help from outsiders. It's always amusing to watch Democrats take the high road.

The party that's fought to tooth and nail to protect abusers of and a literal killer of women has no problem passing judgment on others.

This is a party that sheltered and celebrated a Democratic Senator who left a young woman to slowly suffocate in a car underwater and who refused to seek help for her for hours.

They ignored the allegations that the same Senator was soliciting underage Congressional pages.

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This is not to dismiss the quality of local coverage in Alabama; it is to recognize the outsize attention given to this race, and how a rush of journalistic resources could unearth news of this kind.reported its story in recent days, accounts of Moore’s behavior have traveled by word of mouth for years.A deputy district attorney who worked with him told CNN “it was common knowledge that Roy dated high school girls, [and] everyone we knew thought it was weird.” The Intercept quoted one Alabama political consultant on the record who said the rumblings have existed for “a while,” and two others on background who claimed Moore’s vanquished primary foe, sitting Sen. The only new development is the specificity of the charges.There are three counterpoints: or similar publications.A major-party nominee for Senate is more likely to.

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