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Most American don't know who is Daniel Henney like his Asian fans do even Hugh Jackman once said Daniel is more popular than Brad Pitt in Korea. I was surprised to know that he is quite close to Lee Hyori and Jung Ryeo Won.I was even more surprised when I read he named Kim Suna( she is my favourite too) as one of the 7 important people in his life and even his girlfriend-Maggie Q didn't make into the list.Now in remission, she returns to Korea to ask for a second chance, followed by her Korean-American doctor Henry Kim (Daniel Henney), who is in love with Hee-jin and eager to learn his roots.Upon learning the truth, Jin-heon reconciles with Hee-jin.One of the witnesses to her public humiliation is Hyun Jin-heon (Hyun Bin), the owner of upscale French restaurant Bon Appetit.Upon recognizing her talent, Jin-heon hires her as Bon Appetit's new pastry chef.

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But as they spend more time together, Sam-soon and Jin-heon grow closer and gradually fall for each other.One of the movie I've been anticipated since last year is X-man Origin: Wolverine.It's not because of Hugh Jackman who looked ruggedly handsome as Wolverine but all because of Daniel Phillip Henney as David North aka Agent Zero.Being native english speaker, most of his character in drama or movie requires him to speak more English than Korean language but i believe he has improved his korean a lot.He might not speak fastly but he capable to understand and reply coherantly. Talking about X-Men Origin: Wolverine, I really wish his character -agent Zero can be expand much better and somehow, I felt like the make up didn't justify his good looks.

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