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The doors closed and the elevator just dropped, like 18 inches.

And it stopped." The men did not panic, but it's not like the fire department was going to wait around to see what would happen.

(Later, at a much more elegant and pleasant reception for a movie called "American Wake," Baldwin did a 180 and was so eloquent he didn't seem like the same person.) So you see, things were already not going well when Morales suggested that George W.

Bush must have known about 9-11 in advance and used it to his advantage.

The fire marshall was invoked, a man who must be very busy since he seemed to be all over Boston last night issuing proclamations.

"The irony," Chris says, "is that we were on our way to an event for firefighters.When I got there, I said, You won't believe what happened." Heinz, whom I met with Gwyneth Paltrow about five years ago, says he's going to keep the dating thing on the down-low through November 2, by the way.And if John Kerry should become the next president, don't look for Heinz to move into the White House with his stepfather and mother.Bush was not a nice guy, and Begala said: "If the president is a Texas cattle rancher, I'm a Hasidic diamond merchant." "I've seen you on 47th Street," Franken retorted.Baldwin called America between New York and Los Angeles "flyover country, not leadership America." When Franken immediately balked that he was from Minnesota, a state with a history of leadership, Baldwin retreated and attempted an apology.

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