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We understand that not everybody can live on the beach, but almost everybody wants to.

"Our aim is to provide a lifestyle clothing brand inspiring people to get out of the city and get wet at the coast.

Meanwhile, Ollie introduces his friend Oscar to the group but there’s clear tension between him and Cheska, whilst Ashley learns that Oscar and Ollie have slept in the same bed together and fears the worst.

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But how does he feel about his time on Made In Chelsea now?

Ollie and Ashley go public with their new romance, and Lucy reveals that Spencer contacted her the day after him and Louise had broken up, and wastes no time by telling Louise.

but is unaware that there’s awkward history between Olivia and Lucy.

Lucy gets her wires crossed with Spencer and is shocked to hear his idea of casual leaving her no choice but to end their brief fling.

After seeing Phoebe and Jamie flirting, Proudlock decides to end things before they get serious.

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    Imagine what Chris thought when Brittney contacted him that third time. Think about how you would feel if someone you weren’t that into kept texting you? That is his way of saying he doesn’t want to see you again. After you send your “thank you” text, you have a great opportunity to gauge his interest. After all, don’t you deserve to be with someone who’s nuts about you?